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    Average Arlington Auto Insurance Quotes — Save up to $550 annually!

    Arlington is a great place to call home, but the typical automobile insurance rate in the city leaves much to be desired. Drivers pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,622 every year for the privilege of being insured. This sum is 2.4% higher than the average in Tarrant County where Arlington belongs to. The average rate in Texas, meanwhile, is 6% above that of the city.

    Car Insurance Factors in Arlington, TX — The Reasoning for the Differences in Rates

    Payment rates are the result of meticulous computations. Each driver is assessed for strengths and weaknesses that would affect the risk of claims and defaults. Many of these, however, are not set in stone. There are ways to negate certain factors in order to bring the total down as discussed below:

    • Location — Mega cities are filled with people and the larger the population, the more automobiles there are in the streets, leading to a higher chance of accidents. City dwellers tend to pay higher insurance than country folks for this reason. Arlington is home to 365,438 people and has an average population density of 3,814 persons per square mile.
    • Driving to Work — Leaving for the office at the exact same time when the roads are filled with commuters is a recipe for disaster. At least, it carries a greater risk of involvement in an accident and as a consequence, higher insurance rates. In this sense, those with nontraditional schedules are lucky as they get discounts based solely on their work arrangement. Commuting in Arlington takes an average of 26.5 minutes. For every 100,000 in the population in 2009, there were 8.2 fatal accidents in Arlington compared with 8.5 statewide in Texas.
    • Auto Thefts — Lofty payments await those who own models that are listed among the top targets by carjackers. It would be best to choose a different car if possible but if not, the best that can be done is to turn away the thieves through locks, alarms, and trackers. Insurance companies reward this proactive behavior. There were 1,245 auto thefts in Arlington in 2010.
    • Education — Burning the midnight oil pays off handsomely and in many ways, including discounts in insurance payments. Arlington is head and shoulders above Texas in terms of the percentage of college graduates with 21.7% versus 15.6%. As for high school graduates, it’s 21% versus 24.8%.

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