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    Living in one of the top metro areas in the country entails a higher cost of living. Almost everything is at a higher price compared to other cities. Expect the same when you are a resident of Dallas in Texas. Good thing though, you can still find cheap auto insurance in Dallas, TX with the help of texasautoinsurancequotes.org.

    Start Saving When You Know the Average Dallas Auto Insurance Quotes

    The average rate of vehicle insurance in Dallas goes for $1,541 a bit lower than the Colin-Dallas County average of $1,592. Both figures are lower than the average for the state of Texas, which is $1,731, a surprisingly higher figure than the national average of $1,725. Grab deals that are below these averages.

    Things Affecting Price of Car Insurance in Dallas, Texas

    You might be quoted a higher amount than the average, while you should probably stay away from such there is an explanation for that. You might have to pay a higher amount than others because there are a lot of things that insurance companies take into consideration. Some factors have something to do with the vehicle and driver, like the occupation of the driver. Others, like the following, are related to the area itself.

    • Location — There are a lot of reasons why areas that are more populated generally have higher insurance rates. This is why Dallas has a relatively high average compared to more rural and less populated areas. As of 2010, Dallas has 1,197,816 residents making its population density 3,497 individuals per square mile, which is deemed an average density.
    • Driving To Work — Drivers who do their daily commute during off peak traffic hours or spend less time driving than the average person can expect to pay lower rates. This reasoning is based on the fact that more accidents happen during peak hours and the risk of getting into one increases the longer you stay on the road. The average Dallas resident spends 26.9 minutes driving to work and there have been 7.6 accidents that were fatal for every 100,000 residents in 2009.
    • Auto Thefts — Statistics show that larger cities have higher occurrences of auto-theft. Dallas had 8,384 vehicles reported stolen in the year 2010 alone. In the state of Texas, the most stolen vehicle is the 2003 Dodge Ram. You can lower your rate if you stay away from that particular vehicle and if you install alarm systems and other anti-theft gadgets.
    • Education — Holding a diploma is like holding a discount stub for vehicle insurance. The higher your degree, the higher your discount tends to be. High school graduates comprise 24.8% of all Texans, while only 15.6% have attained college degrees. If you belong to the 19.7% of Dallas residents that graduated from high school, expect to pay lower rates than those who did not. Expect much better rates if you belong to 18.1% of bachelor’s degree holders.

    Another thing that makes rates vary is because companies charge differently. The wisest thing is to shop around but where do you find time to do that. Easy, just head on to texasautoinsurancequotes.org, fill out the widget and you can easily compare quotes, for free and instantly.

    Dallas isn’t the only Texas city with great discounts – drivers in Arlington, Houston, and El Paso can save money too!

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