• Cheap Car Insurance in El Paso, TX – Rates From $30 (TX Residents Only)

    El Paso residents see some of the cheapest insurance rates not only in the county, but in the whole state! Find a way to cash in on some of those secret savings and get cheap auto insurance in El Paso, TX by visiting Texasautoinsurancequotes.org.

    Average El Paso Auto Insurance—Save Hundreds of Dollars!

    The entire state of Texas averages a yearly vehicle insurance policy charge of about $1,730. This is high for El Paso County, home to one of the lowest medians in the state at only $1,455 annually. Lucky residents in the city of El Paso usually see the most in savings, and generally only spend about $1,444 per year.

    Deciding Factors for Car Insurance Premiums in El Paso, Texas

    Writing an insurance policy is not necessarily an easy process. Worldwide, companies have a set of contributing factors they must consider when determining the final cost of complete, or even partial, automobile coverage. Some details are only taken into consideration in certain areas or companies, such as the potential driver’s current occupation, the make and/or model of the vehicle, or even the car’s color. Regardless of the changing area additions, there are four major factors that are almost always reviewed before entering into a policy.

    • Location – A clear trend in coverage rates nationwide shows that regions producing a higher population total on a typical US census are hit with higher charges or more associated fees. In 2010, El Paso was home to around 649,121 people. This equates to roughly 2,606 bodies per square mile, providing an understanding for the generally lower rates.
    • Driving to Work – Even in cities that have not been considered as largely populated, peak traffic hours are still calculated and it will result in additional fees for drivers that routinely plan to be in transit during that time. It takes about 22 minutes for the average driver over 21 years of age to reach their destination on El Paso roads. Of all the traffic accidents that took place during those quick commutes in 2009, around 7.6 per 100,000 resulted in fatalities.
    • Auto Thefts – Leaving a vehicle vulnerable to theft is a surefire way to increase your insurance rate. Lacking an updated alarm system, locking steering wheel club, or other device that prevents robbery makes a vehicle particularly expensive to cover. During 2010, there were a reported 1,552 automobile thefts within El Paso city limits alone.
    • Education – Driving takes a lot more than common sense, so an educated driver could see an easy going policy when compared to a younger or less educated policy carrier. However, El Paso’s residents do not hold impressive statistics when compared to those in the state. Only 22.5% of official residents were high school graduates and a mere 12.1% held Bachelor’s degrees as of 2010.

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