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    Insurance coverage seems to be an uphill battle, with costs gradually increasing and assortments of fees getting tacked on relentlessly. The lone star state typically insures its average drivers for around $1,731 annually.  The price climbs higher still in counties with a larger population, such as Harris County. While the county’s average annual premium hits $1,767; Houston, which is located within Harris County, tends to see a normal bill of $1,748 per year.

    Car Insurance Premium Factors in Houston, Texas

    Just as if one were to apply for medical insurance, he would expect the potential insurers to validate his current and past medical history. The same goes when applying for vehicular insurance. Companies take all sorts of personal details into account, from what sort of accident history you may possess to how high of a credit score you hold. While many differ on the specific factors, a few important facts pertaining to your life will greatly affect the price of your insurance.

    • Location – As visible through the average yearly premium rates per city to state, overall population in the area that will be “home” to the vehicle will directly affect the initial price. Considering the total population of Houston alone in 2010 was a whopping 2,099,451, the average price to drive really is not all that expensive. Translating to 3,623 heads per square mile, Houston may be seen as an area with less potential traffic than it actually gets.
    • Driving to Work – A red flag to insurers are drivers that mention driving during peak hours of operation. It takes the average Houston resident 30-35 minutes to reach their destination, allowing for plenty of time to engage in a traffic accident. In 2010, 8.5 accidents resulted in fatalities for every 100,000 that occurred in this city alone. These statistics mean drivers pay the price financially.
    • Auto Thefts – An older, used, or beat up car that is clearly more likely to be broken into than a newly equipped, shining truck will actually cost a little more to cover, considering its vulnerability. Any device to stop theft will mean a lower rate or a small discount. Considering Houston had 561 complaints filed for every 100,000 people during 2010 specifically involving automobile theft, it should be no surprise that this is an important insurance detail.
    • Education – Companies are interested to know the highest level of education that the driver has completed. While there may not necessarily be a discount for a higher level, there may be some resistance or higher charges for those with a lack of education. About 20% of the residents in Houston have obtained a high school diploma, a percentage that is lower than the state level. Impressively, they also house 17.3% of graduates holding Bachelor’s degrees, a number that is slightly higher than the state’s average.

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