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    Average San Antonio Auto Insurance Quotes – Save up to $450 annually!

    Living in San Antonio has its perks, but unfortunately, automobile insurance isn’t one of them. Residents cough up roughly $1,619 every year to cover their policy – slightly higher than the average in Bexar County. It does compare favorably with Texas being 6% lower than the state mean. Note that the figure given is simply an average and it is possible for you to pay much less.

    Car Insurance Factors in San Antonio, TX — How People Get Lower Insurance Premiums

    Insurance companies do not play dice when it comes to their business. Every detail goes through meticulous examination to arrive at sensible rates and policies. Understanding their reasoning enables car owners to anticipate their likely payments and make the necessary adjustments. Some factors are more flexible than others, as can be seen in the following examples:

    • Location — It is reasonable to assume that a big city would have more cars on the streets than a small town out in the country, and therefore more opportunities for collisions and other dangers. Insurance providers therefore charge city drivers higher than their rural counterparts. San Antonio is among the largest in Texas with a population of 1,327,407. The density is at 3,257 persons for every square mile.
    • Driving to Work — Regular 9-to-5 office workers are charged a bit higher than those with unconventional schedules. This is because those who belong to the former group have to contend with the messy rush hour while going to work. On the other hand, those in the latter set are free to drive when the roads are less congested. Commutes in San Antonio generally last for 23.8 minutes. The number of fatalities due to accidents in the city was 8.9 for every 100,000 versus 8.5 for Texas.
    • Auto Thefts — Driving a model that is known to be favored by car thieves mean jacked up payments. Owners can push back by purchasing deterrents like audible alarms, satellite tracker, steering wheel locks, and so on. Auto theft is of particular concern for the city of San Antonio with 5,657 incidents in 2010.
    • Education — Going to college may be hard but the upward mobility it provides is worth the struggles, and it even comes with welcome advantages such as vehicle insurance discounts. Around 13.8% of the population of San Antonio has a bachelor’s degree in comparison with 15.6% for Texas. As for holders of a high school diploma, it’s 24.2% for the city as opposed to 24.8% for the state.

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    Of course, San Antonio isn’t the only city where drivers can save – check out our reports on Dallas, Houston, and El Paso!

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